is to make the development of ultra-efficient Computer Systems...
child's play!

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About us

Founded by Dr Anton Lokhmotov in 2020 in Cambridge (UK), we are a growing team of world-class engineers with a big vision for AI innovation. In our exceptionally talented and motivated team, each member contributes their own background, knowledge and experience.

Recognizing the growing importance of AI and the limitations of current Computer Systems, we set on the path of revolutionizing AI solution development through our unique technologies. We are proud to work with industry leaders, like Qualcomm, HPE, Lenovo, Dell, and more, to push the boundaries of Computer Systems performance and efficiency to deliver bleeding edge results.

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Anton Lokhmotov - CEO

Founder & CEO

PhD in Computer Science. 20+ years of advanced R&D in performance optimization...

8+ years in business leadership. Dr Lokhmotov helped create the world’s first full-profile GPU acceleration implementation for mobile and embedded devices at Arm.

Dr Leo Gordon - Co-founder & Chief Architect

Co-founder & Chief Architect

PhD in Computer Science and Bioinformatics...

20+ years of workflow automation experience for genome sequencing and benchmarking/optimization. Dr Gordon Led the development of a platform for massive computation on genome data at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

Gavin Simpson - Co-founder & Principal R&D Engineer

Co-founder & Principal R&D Engineer

25+ years in industry. 12+ years in engineering and management roles at Arm...

Deep engagement with AI hardware companies. Gavin also managed the development of GPU Compute runtimes for Edge and Android over 12+ years.

Natalie Durzynski - Director, Business Dev.

Director, Business Dev.

10+ years in driving growth and revenue for AI SaaS startups...

Deep expertise in consultative sales, building out end-to-end sales processes and international enterprise client acquisition. Natalie is passionate about AI innovation and has completed an MA in Management of AI.

Bruno Jansen - Director, Operations

Director, Operations

12+ years in management of corporate operations at Arm...

direct operational and strategic support to Arm Execs (CTO, CMO) in rapid business expansion. Accomplished Director of Operations with extensive expertise in operations, finance, recruitment, and team building.